Thursday, 26 July 2007

Dana's muddy soul-prints!

If you haven't met Dana, I suggest you switch off your mobile, pack chocolates, coffee (an absolute must) and water. No fire or blankets needed. She will warm your soul. You can snuggle up next to the roaring fire that her blog is.

She will show you what true beauty is. Not only what it is, but what it's made of. The pure raw material and the final, poignant product. If I have to describe the soul-prints she's has left in my heart I will use words such as: Yes, sublime would definitely be there, humble, striking, heart-warming, loving, sad, gracious, generous, moving, delicious, sensual, ravishing, extraordinary and passionate. I could go on...

When we willingly allow someone into our lives, they leave footprints in our hearts. Some, and only a few, leave soul-prints like muddy footprints on a carpet. Sadly, they are very seldom thanked for these enjoyable muddy prints they leave behind. And if you think that mud is all bad, think again. You can't grow lotus flowers without mud, now can you?

Dana carries mud (by the bucket-load) into my clinical, cleanly swept environment. I've learned that my cleanly swept abode and torturous perfectionism is not going to get me anywhere. I need some form of chaos to be more creative, to be more me! I need her muddy soul-prints to grow my own lotus flowers. That's why I've got a (cleanly swept) spot close to the fire. But she is teaching me not to concern myself too much with the leaves and dust floating around. I must let them be.

Brilliant musicians and even moderately good musicians nearly always get standing ovations after a performance. This is my ovation to Dana. I can't give her a standing applause, however, I admit she has me often on the edge of my seat, ready to give her the standing ovation she deserves.

I suggest strongly that you give her a visit. Oh and take some lotus flowers with. You would want to give it to her, I guarantee you!


Rethabile said...

I must say this: I know Dana.

pepektheassassin said...

Voila, indeed!

Dennis said...

Wow! What a lovely way to honor and celebrate someone you care for. What a beautiful expression of love. Good on both of you!

Kae-Lyne said...

Dennis...I really needed to express my gratitude towards Dana. And you? You are something special!